Career Opportunities

Become a Professional Consultant

  • You can learn these courses simultaneously with your study / job / business and you can also pursue these subjects as a Career.
  • Learn Vedic Vastu, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology, Gem Therapy and / or Tarot Card Reading and become a qualified expert professional.
  • Become self-employed with a small investment.
  • No special knowledge is needed to join our courses. You can master them in a short time and can use this knowledge for the benefit of yourself and the society.
  • Earn name, fame and respect along with satisfaction to help the suffering humanity.

Get a Flying Start to a Globally Rewarding Career


Learning from Indian Astrology School

  • Many leading professional and consultants in India and abroad are students ofthe school.
  • Authentic study material written with uncomplicated self-learning.
  • Elite professional and Gurus across the world have offered their approval to our mission and have assured their precious advise and guidance to unfold the secrets of these courses.
  • The sequence, style, content and presentation is meticulously planned and designd to make our students the best in the field.
  • Our commitment to quality has led us to achieve the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 award for quality assurance.
  • Management savvy professionals manage the school professionally. The delievery of books, student’s doubt clarification, promptness in reply and other such administration works are controlled and managed under the supervision of this team.

Learn to Earn

  • The courses are professional job-oriented courses. Not much investment is required, except gaining knowledge in them. Many of the previous students have successfully became a professional in the said fields. The courses are very advantageous for engineers, architects, insurance advisors, M.B.A., technocrats, advocates, shop-owners, businessman, devotee, executives, software developers, industrialists, interior designers, healers, students home maker/house wives, doctors, property dealers, professors, teachers, etc. as Indian Astrology School’s courses improve their skills in public relations. The courses also help one to succeed in interviews and self employment. A student can become a self-employed professional or a guide to MNC, housing development firm, builder, family of tycoons, hotel chain, ware-houses, factory, hospital, school, etc. as the field are innumerable and endless. So go ahead and grab this life time opportunity to become a gem in your community and society.

Benefits of Correspondence Courses

  • Learn and master very specialized subjects sitting in your own house and office.
  • Authentic and step by step learning in a very professional manner
  • Learn latest, best and authentic knowledge and be on top
  • Systematically organized real life case-studies and projects to provide maximum real life and practice exposure to the students of the school.
  • Get answers to your queries and problems through post or email.

Benefits for the students

  • School’s students can do consultation for houses, plots, shops, factories, godowns, warehouses, hospitals, hotels and such other commercial and residential properties.
  • An opportunity for a lifetime career which will provide achievements, happiness for self and others, with a lot of respect and feeling of satisfaction.
  • Individual attention to all the students by way of quick and prompt reply to their doubts and queries.
  • The course promises a great career and profession which will be useful year after year.
  • These ancient and powerful subjects will help and empower our students in the enhancement of their own and other’s life.
  • Globally promising and accomplishing career.

Why Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu is powerful and result oriented

  • The four Veda and their respective Up-Veda namely are : The Rig-Veda and Ayurveda; The Yajurveda and Dhanurveda; The Saam Veda and Gandharv Veda and the Atharva Veda and Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Vastu and Astrology). These Vedic knowledge is so total, whole, without boundations of time, perfect and perpetual that it can treat many problems of human and can make them more successful and happy in life. Thus, Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu has concepts and remedial solutions that are powerful, effective and definitely result-oriented.
  • School provides Student Friendly Study Material that are Easy to Understand and Master.

Difference between Books and Correspondence Course

  • Books that are available in market on Astrology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, etc. only provide knowledge. They are written to pass on knowledge about a subject. Reading books on Astrology does not make an Astrologer. Correspondence courses are designed by expert team that only have experts of the subject but also includes experienced M.Ed., B.Ed., educationalists alongwith editors from leading newspapers, principal of reputed school and colleges, experts of distance education alongwith quality supervising experts. This team designs the course in such a way that a layman is able to become an expert. Also, the curriculum is designed in such a manner that a beginner can learn and master each aspects in easy steps.