Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment. Thousands of years ago, scholars of China had come to India to study Vedic Vastu. Vedic Vastu had laid down strict rules for construction but in case these rules were not followed at the time of construction, there was nothing suggested to rectify the error. Chinese scholars did a lot of research on this and then divided the 8 directions suggested in Vastu science into 24 directions. They also devised certain tools which could correct the errors of Vastu.

Feng Shui is based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi or energy. It is becoming very popular around the world. The cities in India with high construction rate like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad etc have witnessed a steady increase in Feng Shui users.


Diploma PG Diploma
Modules Module 1 to 6 (See Below) Module 1 to 6 same as Diploma + Module 7 to 12 + Special Course in Chinese Astrology
Duration 6 Months 1 Year (1st 6 months same as Diploma)
Eligibility 10+2 Graduate or above 30 years of age
Medium Hindi/English Hindi/English

Feng Shui Syllabus

Diploma Course: Module 1-6
Post Gradute Diploma Course: Module 1-12

Module 1
Chinese civilization and its importance, spiritual background, five pillars of Feng Shui, scientific background, uses and applications in day-to-day life, Schools of Feng Shui : Form, Compass and Intuitive school, effects on house and office

Module 2
Elements, triagrams, base theory of elements, balance of elements, effects of imbalance of elements. Relation among elements, elements and direction, first impressions, five senses, energy, environment around house and its effects, finding directions, practical.

Module 3
Art of placement: Part 1 : energy balancing by using various Feng Shui principles, self practice and case studies.

Module 4
Chi (energy) – Sheng Chi and Sha Chi, protection from negative energies and poison arrows, predecessor’s chi, examples of houses, shape, purification of space, reason, time and process.

Module 5
Art of placement : Part 2 : various aspects of life : profession, career, family, relationships, parents, wealth, health, children, creativity, happiness, spiritual, friends, fame, good and bad positions.

Module 6
House entry, corridor, staircase, garage, kitchen, bed room and other rooms, drive way, verandah, interior decoration, Feng Shui scale, positive and negative scales, case studies and practical.

Module 7
Feng Shui advance formula: 8 mansion formula, Ba-Chop, back and front door, energy measurement of outside and inside, chart of house, remedial measures, suggestions based on house chart.

Module 8
Calculation of chi in a property based on time aspects, Sam Yuen style, stages of energy calculations, situations of properties, first, second and third sub-parts, practical examples.

Module 9
Remedies and solutions, methods of safeguarding against negative energies, energy balancing, applying cures, preparation, aim of cures and application.

Module 10
Calculation of positivity of house, office or other properties by Feng Shui, interior design and colours, Ming Kwa, facing directions and effects, auspicious scales and their uses.

Module 11
24 Directions, finding the 24 directions, Chinese Compass: The Luo-Pan, basic knowledge of Luo Pan, applying and using Luo Pan for house, office, practical and case studies.

Module 12
House warming, preparing house for warming ritual, Spiritual school of Feng Shui, extension in plot, Feng Shui and Gems, practical examples, case studies, project, practical examples with map of offices.

Special Course:Chinese Astrology

  • ONLY for Students of PG Diploma Course
  • A special course on Chinese Astrology will be sent free to all Post Graduate Diploma students of Feng Shui which helps determine a person’s character, health, attributes, monthly and yearly forecast.