Gem and Crystal

Gem therapy is very popular since ancient times. Apart from the exclusive nine stones of nine planets, others are called as semi-precious stones or crystal. Out of all the crystals 84 are very important. The good thing about these crystals is that they are not expensive. These gems and crystals are used for therapeutic and healing.

Crystals have immense capacity to store energy, increase and then reflect it back. They are used in Jewellery, Yantra, Vastu and Planet therapy. These Gems and Crystals magnify energy multi-folds. Gem stones are used to enhance the benefic influence or lessen the malefic influence of planets. They are used to rectify financial, physical, emotional, mental and professional problems. If a student is weak in studies then he/she should wear Yellow Sapphire. Tiger Eye increases concentration. Turquoise mends relationships.


Diploma PG Diploma
Modules Module 1 to 6 (See Below) Module 1 to 6 same as Diploma +Module 1 to 12 + Special Course in Ratna Adhyay (Curing negative energies)
Duration 6 Months 1 Year (1st 6 months same as Diploma)
Eligibility 10+2 Graduate or above 30 years of age
Medium Hindi/English Hindi/English

Gem and Crystal Therapy Syllabus

Diploma Course: Module 1-6
Post Gradute Diploma Course: Module 1-12

Module 1
Disease and treatment, causes of disease, removing disease from root, types of disease, physical, mental, financial, social, professional, crystal formation and symmetry, organic gems, crystal therapy.

Module 2
Uses of crystals, Jewellery, crystal types : terminator, double terminator, tabular, chunks, polish, crystal balls, teacher, record keeper, laser wands, rainbow, pyramid projector, earth, choosing crystals, clensing and clearing.

Module 3
Crystal Family: Quartz, Corundrum, Beryl, Chalcedony, Jadeite. Types of crystals and uses : Agate, Moss Agate, Amber, Aventurine, Golden Beryl, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Garnet, Dioptase, Hematite, Indicolite, Jasper, Iolite, Ivory, Kynite, Kunzite.

Module 4
Types of crystals and uses: Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Moonstone, Jade, Onyx, Opal, Peridot, Pitalite, Turquoise, Pyrite, Rhodochrosite, Serpentine, Smithsonite, Sodalite, Sunstone, Tiget Eye, Toumaline.

Module 5
Energy healing and crystals placements and layouts, energy healing by crystals, self-healing by crystal healing, methods of energy healing by crystals : Star and Double Star of David, Chakra layout, Self-healing System.

Module 6
Crystals and planets, planets and their Gems, effects of planets on human lives, benefic and malefic effects of planets, application of gems therapy to increase the positive effects of planets, effects of planets on physical, mental, social, professional aspects.

Module 7
Rudraksh, Rudraksh properties and medical uses, Types of Rudraksh and their faces : One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Gauri-Shanker, Trijugi and their uses.

Module 8
Various Trees and plants and their positive effects on environment and humans, environmental designs, medicinal uses of trees.

Module 9
Medicinal uses of plants and trees, solutions to various physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual problems using plants and tree therapy.

Module 10
The 27 Constellations and their parts, their respective deity and presiding planets, effects of each constellation and its individual part on humans, influence on behavioral aspects of humans, remedies to follow, Gems and Semi-Precious stones.

Module 11
Five gems, nine gems, solutions with gems and crystals, energy channeling by gems and crystals, crystal essence, uses of crystal in energy healing, gems and their respective metals.

Module 12
Application of gems and crystals in Astrology uses of gems and crystals in curing Vastu faults (Ratna Adhyay) of house, office, factory, shop, ware house and industrial units, uses in Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading and Numerology.

Special Course: Ratna Adhyay (Curing negative energies)

  • ONLY for Students of PG Diploma Course
  • Gems and crystals play an important role in rectification of negative energies. A special free course will be sent to Post Graduate Diploma students of Gem and Crystal Therapy.