Study Material


Modules will be sent to students every month from the course beginning. Modules contain the prescribed course material in a systematic ad student friendly manner. Theories in modules are lesser with more focus on the practical approach and applications of subject. Modules help in understanding the subject in-depth.


Modules are equipped with self-exercise. The system used here is that with Modules self-exercises are given as and where required. Students have to solve these self-exercises themselves after completing a Module. Answers to these self-exercises are sent in the next month’s modules. Thus students can themselves check their progress.


Modules contains many relevant examples related to the topic. These examples make the subject easier to understand and apply. Many examples are well supported with diagrams, chart, sketch, etc. as and where require. This enriches the learning experience of the students and they enjoy studying the subject.

Case Study

Case Study makes student get a feel of real life situations. We have tried to include Case Studies of people who have been consulted by experts and how they have suggested cures of the situation. Case Studies will help student gain insights into subjects and they will also be able to understand how to apply the knowledge they have learnt in real life situations.


Project will ensure that student can stand on their feet and get enough confidence to work on real life projects. These projects are based on situations which is given to students and they have to understand and solve same as an expert of the subject. Projects are to be sent back to the School for evaluation by expert team who give comments on strengths of students and areas where they need improvements.

Practical Applications

Practically applying what you have learnt is the main theme of the course, so we have tried to give practical applications of various aspects. Practical applications indeed will be helpful for students to gain more confidence in the subject and applications of theories in real life situations.

Real Life Examples

Examples of Celebrities, real people, properties, etc have been taken to make courseware more interesting and student friendly. When students learns real life examples of experts of the subject then they get a path which they can follow easily.

Student Doubt Clarification Cell

IAS ensures that students doubts or queries are answered promptly. To do this job we have a dedicated team of experts who will answer to students queries through email. Usually we try to reply to students queries within 3 working days or earlier. Students can send their doubts / queries or any other information like change of address, delay in taking examinations, etc. to us which will be acknowledged by our administrative staff and technical experts. Students who are not good / comfortable with email can also send their enquiries through post which is also responded to quickly.